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The Creative Learning and Practice (CLaP) program is an initiative towards experiential learning and interactive arts-based education in schools and informal learning spaces. In the first edition of CLaP from 2018-2020, visual artists, architects, engineers, graphic designers, teachers, school authorities and most importantly children came together to design and implement spatial art tools which were outcomes of participatory workshops with children in 51 government schools in East Delhi.

The CLaP program integrates art processes, artistic outcomes, and art installations with the learning process of children, enabling them to benefit from the process of self-expression and production of meaning that art facilitates. The program stands on grounds of experiential learning and exploring participatory processes, fostering learning by making, using and reflecting.

The first edition of the CLaP Program involved artful communication strategies, engaging with the architectural spaces in these schools, and enhancing cognitive, participatory, affective and behavioral skills in students. Our creative associates interlinked the arts dynamically with different stakeholders and beneficiaries of the program.

CLaP Associates