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Council for Arts and Social Practice (CASP) is a platform for transdisciplinary artistic research and practice to facilitate critical dialogues on cultural sustainability. It aims to integrate sustainable forms of thinking and practice by interconnecting landscapes, built environments, people, and everyday life.

CASP formulates ideas of mutualism by promoting participatory education, affective learning, and contextual understanding. It facilitates meaningful public interactions through talks, community initiatives, and collaborative projects, fostering a relational engagement at both individual and institutional levels.

CASP engages with artists, curators, educators, architects, designers, performers, filmmakers, community organizers, social researchers, students and children. We collaborate with people in informal urban settlements, peri-urban spaces, and villages through site-responsive and site-specific projects that employ the arts for community engagement and public pedagogy.

Established in 2013, CASP is a registered non-profit Section 8 Company that works through four chapters in Navi Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and New Delhi.

CASP Programs

4 Chapters




Direct Outreach


Our mission is to amplify processual and participatory approaches, facilitating inclusive spaces without conceding independent agency. We offer critical and imaginative ways to address situational contexts, focusing on:

  • Transdisciplinary Research
  • Cooperative Toolkits
  • Distributed Authorship
  • Relational Thinking
  • Social Discourse


Our objective is to employ the arts as a catalyst to enhance the experiences and values that people have with their social and lived contexts, enabling them to play an active role in shaping outcomes. Our methods achieve this objective by:

  • Inquiry and Listening
  • Access and Openness
  • Process and Participation
  • Collaboration and Reciprocation
  • Collective Experience and Dialogues