Council for Arts and Social Practice (CASP) is a platform for transdisciplinary artistic research and practice to facilitate critical dialogues on cultural sustainability.


What We Do

CASP provides a platform for arts-based research, process-oriented practices, affective learning and participatory education. Our objective is to employ the arts as a catalyst to formulate ideas on mutualism and cultural sustainability.

Who We Work With

CASP engages with artists, curators, educators, architects, designers, filmmakers, community organizers, social researchers, students and children. We collaborate with people in informal urban settlements, peri-urban spaces and villages.



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Council for Arts and Social Practice (CASP) is delighted to be an official partner in India for 7000 HUMANS, a global community network that connects to 7000 Oaks, one of Joseph Beuys’ (a founder of Fluxus) most beloved social sculpture works.

A collaboration between social artist and cultural activist, Shelley Sacks, and permaculture designer, Ulrike Oemisch, 7000 HUMANS is an initiative of the global Social Sculpture Lab for New Knowledge and an Eco-Social Future.


Recent Updates

Collaborative Portraiture: Surfacing Latent Realities

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As artists living in cities, it is easy to access various means of expressing oneself, but it is a different story when you travel through the heartland of a nation.…

Every Inch: The Bureaucratic Effect In Colonisation

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Alana Hunt and Kush Badhwar will discuss the exhibition Every Inch: the bureaucratic effect in colonisation, and it’s coming-together through engagement with different ‘sites’, connected to the artists’ lives in Australia…

Inquiries, Insights and Illustrations

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The presentation intends to bring out how design research, collaboration, experience design and storytelling can impact behaviour change towards positive climate action. The footprint of our consumptive lifestyles and the…

Of Wounds, Assuage and Identities

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The emergence of several artist-driven spaces and practices of individual artists in and around Kolkata points to a new awakening – the reclamation of identity in cultural space. Though these…