• 7000Humans-CASP
Council for Arts and Social Practice (CASP) is delighted to be an official partner in India for 7000 HUMANS, a global community network that connects to 7000 Oaks, one of Joseph Beuys’ (a founder of Fluxus) most beloved social sculpture works.

A collaboration between social artist and cultural activist, Shelley Sacks, and permaculture designer, Ulrike Oemisch, 7000 HUMANS is an initiative of the global Social Sculpture Lab for New Knowledge and an Eco-Social Future.

It grew out of the Kassel21-Social Sculpture Lab curated by Shelley Sacks and hosted by the documenta Archive & the Neue Galerie for the Joseph Beuys 100 celebrations. Launched in September 2021, it coincides with the 40th Anniversary of the 7000 Oaks in Kassel, and is part of the zukunftsdorf22 linked to documenta 15, 2022.

To know more, please visit:

7000 Humans Website
CASP has been an invited 7000 HUMANS participant from April this year and offers reflections from its collaborative project, ‘From Up There They Were Just Numbers’ (2019-Ongoing) in Navi Mumbai. As the India partner in this initiative, CASP offers its role as a ‘multiplier’ through local assemblies that engage with questions and commitments of future living explored in the global assemblies of 7000 HUMANS and other questions related to our own context. (https://casp-india.org/…/from-up-there-they-were-just.../)
Our association with Shelley Sacks began from our participation in two interconnected projects by the artist University of Trees (UoT) and Earth Forum in 2013. Over the years, our sharing of ideas has continued and it is an honour to join as a new partner of 7000 Humans responding to the Social Sculpture Lab’s “connective practice approach” and insights involving active listening, imaginal thinking-together processes and co-creating with a global community network.

To know about the global assemblies, please visit: https://www.7000humans.com/working-with-questions


It is for everyone – individuals, networks, communities, and groups – committed to working toward an interconnected, humane, anti-racist, non-exploitative and ecologically healthy future; a society in which people come together to work creatively with problems; to strengthen their commitment to cooperation and care, and to envision a future in which imagination and the sphere of the soul has a central place.

7000 HUMANS brings together diverse networks, individuals, communities, and projects – big and small – from all continents, to explore the role of the human being on this planet as a conscious partner of the ‘other-than- human’ world. It is co-creating a global field of commitment, presence, action, and insight – on the ground, in the soul and online.

You are invited as an individual, project, group or network to become a 7000 HUMANS participant here: ENTER THE FIELD. Once you’ve registered and got your ‘sun’ on the global map, you can login for the zoom link, and participate in the next online global assemblies on ZOOM.

Contact us on [email protected] if you want to be involved in the CASP-India Assemblies.